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Super Mario Bros. Booth at the 1993 Summer Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

This short clip features the Super Mario Bros. movie display at the 1993 Summer CES. MEL (Makeup & Effects Laboratory) was at the show with a the live "Toad" Goomba to interact with the crowd. And yes, the Goomba is holding one of the animatronic "allosaurus rats" featured in the film as well.

John Fifer (who portrayed Goomba Toad in the film and was also a founder of MEL) is the one in the outfit here.

If you look closely, you can make out the SMB Movie booth in some of the backgrounds, featuring a poster of the regressed form of Koopa and the de-evolution chamber.



1993 ERTL Catalog

This catalog from ERTL released in early 1993 gave us our first hint at their then-upcoming product line. Check out the cover, contents page, and the wonderful two-page spread teasing the toy line. Based upon what "M" stands for, I think ERTL delivered in spades.



1993 ERTL Brochure

This brochure from ERTL released in early 1993 provides an extensive overview of their entire toy and action figure line. Based upon this brochure, it looks like everything the company planned to release made it to store shelves. It's also worth noting that the 12-inch talking dolls were still unfinished at this point, with some illustrations standing in for the real thing.






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