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September 16, 2010


Andrea Powell


Andrea Powell



Andrea Powell is an accomplished film, television, theatre, and voiceover actress, best known for her role as single werewolf mom and fashion plate Karen Crezski in the ABC series, The Gates. She is the voice of Elena Winters, star of the hit online video game, Fallen Earth and a frequent voice for major corporations’ e-learning and marketing campaigns.

Andrea initially auditioned for the role of one of the dancers in the Boom Boom Bar, making up her own movement to the song the auditioners played. She was later called in for the role of one of the Brooklyn Girls, a choice that surprised her. She had a good experience during the production of the film, making lots of friends and good memories. When asked her opinion of the movie when it first came out, Andrea explained that she really liked it, but was bummed at how it compared to Jurassic Park.


Other credits include:


  • Film: Get Low with Robert Duvall; My Own Love Song (2010 Tribeca Film Festival) with Renee Zelwegger; Runaway Jury with Dylan McDermott; Songcatcher (Outstanding Ensemble Performance, Sundance Film Festival); The Legend of Bagger Vance; Empire Records; Super Mario Brothers (her film debut!); Asylum; The Fifth Quarter; Hero; and the critically acclaimed independent films In/Significant Others, Shooting Livien, Harmonic Distortion, and The Limbo Room (Breakthrough Performance Award, NYC’s Visionfest Film Festival).


  • TV: recurred in Thief (FX) and Surface (NBC); starred in A Touch of Fate (Lifetime), 3: The Dale Earnhardt Story (ESPN), and the live-action Year Without A Santa Claus (NBC); and guest starred on American Gothic, Dawson’s Creek and Matlock, among others.


  • Theatre: Off-Broadway (Strictly Personal), international (Edinburgh Fringe Festival), and everything in between (more than 100 credits overall, including several musicals).



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