This ongoing section aims to uncover any and all deleted, extended, or alternate scenes from the film. Some are just pure speculation, while others have a basis in drafts of the script (or other sources). And, for some of these scenes, we've been lucky enough to obtain video footage or screenshots.

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United States

Audio Poster Pack

US - Audio Poster Pack

Event Dates: 21st - 22nd September and 5th - 6th October 2012

Venue: Esquire Theatre

Special Guests: .

People's Improv Theater 2011


Movie Flyer

Japanese Flyer Japanese Flyer - Reverse

Event Dates: 21st - 22nd September and 5th - 6th October 2012

Venue: Esquire Theatre

Special Guests: .

On May 25, 2012, The Super Mario Bros. Movie Archive hosted a 19th anniversary screening of Super Mario Bros. at Landmark's NuArt theater in Los Angels, California. Nearly 190 seats were filled, with 157 paid tickets and around 30 special guests from the production, including David L. Snyder, Dana Kaminski, Parker Bennett, and Brian Jennings. Many of these people had not seen each other in years, and some had not seen the film in nearly as long.

The NuArt was surprised at the number of people that showed as well as their enthusiasm. There was cheering and laughing all throughout the movie at just the right times. It just goes to show that the film has a presence even now. David, Parker and the others were stunned at the turnout, feeling that perhaps their work was finally validated. Following the screening, David stated via Twitter that he was "Stunned. Audience howled throughout. It's a goof."

United Kingdom

New York Screening

Event Date: 12th December 2011

Venue: People's Improv Theater

People's Improv Theater 2011

Seen in various trailers and previews, the brief shot of Koopa turning in the rain indicates additional footage of him in our world, outside

of the gateway tunnel, was shot. Such additional footage has been alluded to in the storyboards (Albeit with a more manly figure holding

baby Daisy - not an egg) as well as being detailed in scripts and the Todd Strasser novelisation.

From the 03/25/92 draft of the script:

Lightning. TITLES OVER cables, steel and brick, awash in a torrent of rain. A black boot hits a puddle. TILT UP ON a dark figure, gazing at the New York skyline. He spins...

The end of that section matches this clip, which leads us to believe that the rest was likely filmed as well. In the script, Koopa

shows up several more times as Daisy's mother attempts to escape back to Dinohattan.

Otakon 2011

Event Date: 7th December 2011

Venue: Baltimore

Editorial: By David Oxford

David Oxford as Bob Hoskins' Mario. David Oxford as Bob Hoskins' Mario, assaulting a fellow Otaku.

David Oxford attended Otakon 2011 to help showcase his support for the Super Mario Bros movie. Advertising for the website, this was our

first foray into the rest of the community and our first kick-start to building a real community presence in the USA.