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The ERTL company produced a fantastic line of action figures and toys based on the film in 1993. Interestingly, ERTL is traditionally known for their die-cast figurines, so a full action figure line was a bold departure from the norm for them. The overall quality, craftsmanship, and diversity of products of this innovative line remain a favorite aspect of the film's merchandising for many fans.

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Pogs (Caps)

Pogs (Caps) SlamCo Series

Action Figures


Complete Set of ERTL's SMB Action Figures. From left to right: Koopa, Mario, Goomba, Luigi, Spike, Iggy (Source: Zack)

Action Figures

Action Figure Accessories

Chase Action Police Car

Devo Chamber with Goomba

12" Talking Figures

12" Talking Mario Figure

12" Talking Luigi Figure

Children's Accessories

Devogun Play Toy

Walkie-Talkie Set

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