Merchandise Contents





A gallery of the ERTL toys released for the movie, including the Action Figures, Police Car, Devo Chamber, Super Scope De-evolution guns and more.
Audio Release insert scans and Audio Poster Pack information.
Official Home Merchandise created to service fans who wanted to take a little piece of the movie magic home with them. Includes Lunchboxes, Clothing and other items.
All the Promotional and Consumer Books related to the movie, including the Press Kit, Novelisation, Colouring and Sticker books and other related print media.
Artwork and technical information of the various Home Releases of the Super Mario Bros movie across the world.
SkyBox created a series of Trading Cards that included pre-release photographs. This includes a card with the name Lemmy instead of Toad, three different shots of the Mario Bros' encounter with Mike and Doug Scapelli and several other unused or promotional artworks not seen since.


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