March 14, 2013






We are pleased to announce that Super Mario Bros. will be released on Blu-Ray in Summer 2014! The distributor is Second Sight Films, a UK group known for their work on cult horror and sci-fi films. The SMB Movie Archive is working with Second Sight on some important aspects of this release.


Second Sight is a distributor that has been praised for their excellent remastering of films as well as their production of new bonus features. Both are planned for Super Mario Bros.

Check back for the latest on this exciting development! Looks like trusting the fungus all these years has finally paid off!



March 1, 2013




What a fitting first update for 2014!


The SMB Movie Archive has learned from a very reliable source that a Blu-Ray release of Super Mario Bros. could happen in 2014. According to our source, some very exciting developments toward this re-release of the film have been made in the past week.


While we can't reveal any details just yet, we can say that if this project comes to fruition, it will be the most important thing that can happen for the fans and the mission of this website.


What would YOU like to see in a Blu-Ray release of Super Mario Bros.? Anamorphic widescreen? High-definition video and audio? Special features? SHOOT ME AN E-MAIL and I'll post an update with the best responses!



December 31, 2013




As 2013 comes to a close, I'd like to reflect on the amazing year that we've had at the SMB Movie Archive. The 20th Anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. film was something we've looked forward to celebrating for the past few years. To commemorate the event, we hosted a number of anniversary screenings of the film and launched an in-canon sequel comic! Here's a rundown of our best content of the past year:







Although the 20th anniversary has come and gone, 2014 has the potential to be even better. Our Super Mario Bros. 2 comic begins its second issue this coming week, and we have plans to resume with some SMB Archive content updates that lots of fans have been looking forward to. Until then, trust the fungus!


If you're wondering where all the old updates went, check out our update archive page.





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