Super Mario Bros. "The Power" Trailer Gets a 4K Restoration



Written by: Ryan Hoss

September 11, 2017


"The Power" trailer from Super Mario Bros., presented in 4K



"The Power" trailer from the 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie just got a heck of an upgrade.


A newly restored 4K scan of the trailer--named after the 1990 Snap! dance track it features--has been released online, presented exclusively by The Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive website.


Originally acquired by Australian Super Mario Bros. fan Ben Gourlay a number of years ago, the reel of 35mm film was in safe hands before recently being digitally transferred to 4K. “Despite its flaws, Super Mario Bros. was in many ways ahead of its time, and its theatrical trailer features a style that belies its nearly 25 years. The trailer's editing style doesn’t look out of place amongst modern day trailers,” Ben says. “Having watched it repeatedly as a Nintendo obsessed eight year old, I jumped at the chance to purchase the film--even if I didn’t exactly know what I could do with it at the time."


The 35mm footage was transferred to 4K digital at an Australian post-production facility, using a $30,000 Blackmagic Cintel Film Scanner. On viewing the newly-restored footage, Ben was pleasantly surprised to see the trailer was printed in the ‘open matte’ style, which gives a glimpse of the full height Super 35mm negative in which the film was originally shot.

“Similar to the IMAX format that’s prevalent today, you’re actually getting to see much more of the frame, including details that have literally never been seen,” Ben explains. “Coupled with the higher resolution, it gives fans a truly unique viewing experience."



The 1080p Second Sight Blu-Ray (left) compared to the newly-restored 4K trailer scan (right)


Excited by this unique opportunity, SMB Archive's Rory Joscelyne performed the color and white balance restoration through his Reset Media Productions studio. "I have been working for five years on restoring footage and color timing new digital RAW negatives, but this was the first chance I've had to restore classic film footage. The state of the original clips varies, but the details revealed are worth it," says Rory. "Some shots of the trailer are clearly sourced from takes before the film reached its finished cut, which gives excellent potential for an extended cut to be produced. The restoration is an honor I never thought I'd be lucky enough to be a part of."



All footage and film rights copyright Buena Vista.

4K Negative Scan Commissioned by Ben Gourlay, presented to Steven Applebaum of

Color/White Balance restoration by Reset Media Productions.


Thanks again to Ben Gourlay and Rory Joscelyne for bringing this trailer back to life!





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