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Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 1993 Coverage

This first trailer was seen in the "Nintendo Theater" at the 1993 Summer Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

TV Show Coverage


E! Channel Coverage and "This Ain't No Game" Trailer

Entertainment Tonight Coverage - 3 TV Spots

These short reports from Entertainment Tonight around the film's release provide some additional context into the development of the

film through behind-the-scenes set footage and exclusive interviews with the cast. The first clip reveals footage of the

"Iggy & Spike Rap" deleted scene, and has an interview with Bob Hoskins. The second clip features interviews with both Hoskins and

Leguizamo, while the third clip features some of the Dinohattan citizens and Goombas.

Bad Influence Coverage (UK TV Show)

From Season 1, Episode 10. Aired: January 14th 1993

Notes: This rare clip from the UK's "Bad Influence" television show provides us an extremely early look at the Super Mario Bros. movie.

This footage appears to be from the 1993 winter CES show which took place in January of 1993. This (I believe) was before the actual

trailer was completed and therefore you see some really great never-seen-elsewhere clips, such as:

--The first footage you see is of Mario arriving into the alternate dimension--and with what looks like some "in-progress" VFX work.

--Temp dialogue throughout the whole thing.

--Bertha's "Come and get it, big boy" is seen with her actually saying the line--and with different dialogue than in the finished film.

--Extended dialogue in the jail sequence; Luigi: "You told me to go after her..." Mario: "Yeah, for a date, not into another world."



German DVD Release - Making Of... Documentary

This version of The Making of Super Mario Bros. surfaced in the German DVD release of the film.

Compared to the Promotional Release VHS version, this one has different voice narration, has no "Almost Unreal" music

video shoehorned into the middle, and has various clips and segments that aren't in the others. There's also a short section with

Joseph Porro and the costume design, and there's a newly-discovered deleted scene where one of the Brooklyn Girls

tries to give a Goomba a cigarette.

Promotional VHS Release - Making Of... Documentary

A lot of extremely rare and useful information came out of this; there are unused interviews, footage, and special effects shown

here that you won't find ANYWHERE else. And, for the first time since the movie's release, the Super Mario Bros. Movie version of

the Almost Unreal music video was uncovered.

Movie Magic - Yoshi Animatronics Documentary

This is a pretty rare clip of the fantastic Yoshi animatronics used in the film. This was taken from the old "Movie Magic" show that aired

on the Discovery Channel from 1994-1996. Note how the skin covering used on Yoshi in a lot of these shots is different from that used

in the final film. Also notice that they start talking about the Koopa/T-Rex at the end of the clip, right when it cuts off.

Thanks to "Koopaprince" for providing the clip!


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