This section of the website will feature opinion and editorial pieces about topics related to the Super Mario Bros. film--ones exclusive to our site and others from around the internet.



Exclusive SMB Archive Editorials


"This Ain't No Game": Original Super Mario Bros. Trailer Restored in 4K

Author: Ryan Hoss


Notes: Thanks to Raleigh's A/V Geeks and SMB Archive's Rory Joscelyne (through his Reset Media Productions studio), the SMB Archive has exclusively presented a new 4K scan of the "This Ain't No Game" teaser trailer.



Super Mario Bros. "The Power" Trailer Gets a 4K Restoration

Author: Ryan Hoss


Notes: Thanks to friend of the site Ben Gourlay and SMB Archive's Rory Joscelyne (through his Reset Media Productions studio), the SMB Archive has exclusively presented a new 4K scan of "The Power" trailer.



Interview--Paul Shipper (Super Mario Bros. Blu-Ray Steelbook Artist)

Conducted by: Steven Applebaum & Ryan Hoss


Notes: This SMB Archive exclusive interview with artist Paul Shipper is a revealing look at the creative process involved in the production of his cover art used for the Zavvi Limited Edition Steelbook variant of Second Sight's Super Mario Bros. Blu-Ray.



Review--Super Mario Bros. (Second Sight Blu-Ray)

Author: Ryan Hoss


Notes: The official SMB Archive review of Second Sight's superb Blu-Ray release of Super Mario Bros. the review goes into detail about the quality of the video, audio, and special features.


SMB Archive at Otakon 2011

Author: David Oxford


Notes: In this article, longtime SMB Archive correspondent David Oxford provides us with an entertaining account of his trip to Otakon 2011 dressed as Bob Hoskins' version of Mario from the film.



Survivor Stomper Boots

Author: Blake Dumesnil


Notes: In this article, longtime site member Blake Dumesnil relates his remarkable journey of tracking down and obtaining both a single Thwomp Stomper boot and an astonishing pair. The boots had long been thought simply thrown in a dumpster after production. Thanks to Blake, we now know otherwise.





Additional Editorials


John Carter / Super Mario Bros. A Comparative Study.

Author: Jérémy Beaujoin


Source: Hushed Conversation (French)


Notes: French pop culture writer Jérémy Beaujoin discusses 2012 film John Carter and compares it to the similar science-fiction/fantasy adventure film Super Mario Bros. (1993). Special thanks to Simon Langlois for translation.



Could've Been A Krull: Super Mario Brothers

Author: Robert Peterson AKA Tony Lazlo (http://www.robertjpeterson.com)


Source: CC2K


Notes: Peterson's article focuses on the idea that Super Mario Bros. could have been better if it had simply focused on a singular tone. The suggested tone is that of a self-referential, meta film akin to The Princess Bride.


The essay goes on to opine the fluctuating tone between a "straight-up kids' movie" and a "grimier, more self-aware action flick for young adults." If the film had only settled on a single tone, it speculates, the film could have been a lot better. The "Mario Mario/Luigi Mario booking scene" is offered as an example of the comedic sensibility the film should have had throughout.



Mario Bits: The Thwomp Stomper

Author: Eduardo Jardim (Reino do Cogumelo)


Source: Nintendo Blast (Portuguese)


Notes: This mini-article focuses on one of the most iconic elements of the film: the Thwomp Stomper hydraulic-boots. By grounding Mario's distinctive ability in the real world, the Thwomp Stomper boots lifted him and his world into something much more.


The boots are something distinctively "Marioesque" as well as an exaggerated realism. In short, they're exactly what the filmmakers were going for in one handy little package.



5 reasons to enjoy the Super Mario Bros. movie

Author: Eduardo Jardim (Reino do Cogumelo)


Source: Reino do Cogumelo (Portuguese)


Notes: This translated article from SMB Archive affiliate site Reino do Cogumelo details the top five reasons why the Super Mario Bros. movie isn't a waste of your time, and why a lot of the negative criticism simply isn't valid.