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The aim of this website is to help fans and critics alike understand what was being attempted with the Super Mario Bros. film, released in 1993. Through exclusive interviews and early production materials, it is our hope that many will come to appreciate the immense amount of thought and respect that went into creating it.


This mission has been aided by many popular and high-profile websites and publications, including Kotaku, 1UP, Ain’t It Cool News, Game Informer, GameSetWatch, Kill Screen, and The Escapist. With the average of 100k unique hits a month generated from these affiliates, it has become clear that the film is still very much on the minds of many.


While its overall popularity can be questioned, there is no argument that the film certainly has its place in the history of both filmmaking and video game cultural relevance. Perhaps that influence will only become clearer over time.



Founded in 2007 by Ryan Hoss, The Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive was originally intended to simply showcase his vast collection of memorabilia related to the film’s production and merchandising efforts.


However, he soon realized that it could be so much more when in July of 2008 he was contacted by practical effects crewmember (“Fungineer”) Mark McCoy. Their heated correspondence resulted in the first exclusive interview on the film which, for the first time, offered an intimate look into the troubled, yet inspired production.


The following year, Ryan would receive yet another exhilarating surprise: the discovery of the oft-rumored fantasy-oriented script for the film. Located and provided by forum moderator Corey Merritt, this script finally confirmed what had long been rumored: an earlier, fantasy-based production of the games had been in the works prior to the film that was released.


Not long after this discovery, Ryan would again be contacted by someone from the film’s production; this time Key Makeup Artist Jeff Goodwin (The Last of the Mohicans, Blue Velvet). Once again, fans were given a fascinating interview from a passionate and well-regarded Hollywood artist.


Following a brief hiatus, longtime fan and freelance writer Steven Applebaum came onto the project with a bang: an exclusive interview with musician/actor Mojo Nixon, the hilarious personality behind Toad. This new partnership between Ryan Hoss and Steven Applebaum continued with a dizzying amount of activity on a nearly weekly basis. Exclusive interviews and rare production materials were finally seeing the light of day due to the thoughtful contributions of much of the cast and crew.


This work culminated with several key high-profile updates in mid-2011: first, an exclusive interview with famed actor Richard Edson (Spike). This interview revealed the immense control that he and other actors had with rewriting and improvising the film’s script as well as the general atmosphere of the production.


Next, the release of several early scripts and screenplay materials by various writers showed the progression of the film from conception to shooting in a way many fans of film never get to experience firsthand. In knowing what was attempted, many people came to finally appreciate what resulted on-film.


Finally, an exclusive interview with screenwriter Parker Bennett revealed the creative process in translating the vision of directors Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel into a cohesive story.


That same month, the Archive began its transition into a new, more modern layout with cleaner navigation and a friendly atmosphere.


The Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive continues its mission to provide insight into the film’s production and development while consistently lobbying for a Blu-Ray re-release in time for the film’s 20th anniversary in 2013. Stick around and see what comes next!


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