The following pages categorize and archive the development of the various props featured within the film.

Each one is different and went through a constantly evolving design process, which makes this even more intriguing

to see how each item came to it's final form.

Heroes Costumes - Villains Costumes - Other Character Costumes - Boom Boom Bar Costumes - Deleted Scene Costumes

Heroes Costumes

Plumbing Outfit
The outfit worn by Mario throughout most of the movie, it isn't until they have to sneak into the Boom Boom Bar that he removes this outfit permanently.
Dinner Suit
Worn during his dinner at Napoli's with Luigi, Daisy and Daniella. This is the only real glimpse we get of Mario dressing up in a way that he feels comfortable.
The odd Canary suit Mario is forced to wear when he enters the Boom Boom Bar. Given to him by Iggy, apparently the costumes of his ex-wife. Spike and Iggy still wear them when they go on dates.
Super Mario Suit
One of the colourful working outfits of Koopa's personal empire, these iconic designs are designed to be a close in-movie representation of the Mario Bros outfits. Mario's sports a flat cap and red colouration.
Casual Wear
The outfit Luigi wears from the start of the movie (Though he starts without the red hoodie), even during his date with Daisy. This outfit follows him through to Dinohatten and is only fully removed when he has to go to the Boom Boom Bar.
The 'femanine' Canary suit Luigi is forced to wear when he enters the Boom Boom Bar. Given to him by Iggy, apparently the costumes of his ex-wife. Spike and Iggy still wear them when they go on dates.
Super Mario Suit
One of the colourful working outfits of Koopa's personal empire, these iconic designs are designed to be a close in-movie representation of the Mario Bros outfits. Luigi's sports a baseball cap that he wears backwards and green colouration.
Archaeology Wear
Daisy's archeology wear includes sandy shorts, a white blouse and a green gilet. Surprisingly this outfit is seen in the assumed "Waitressing" accident in the Deleted Scene - Riverside Cafe, and also makes an appearance wihtout the gilet during her date with Luigi.
Princess Dress
The representation of the traditional Princess dress worn by Princess Toadstool and Princess Daisy in the video games. While Daisy usually wears yellow, it was decided to go with the more iconic pink colouring of Princess Toadstool for the movie.
Battle Outfit
Said to be inspired by Ripley from Alien, this design is only seen in the end sequence before the credits as the teaser for the sequel movie. This scene was deleted from the Italian release (Ending on the Dinohatten victory celebration), meaning this outfit never made an appearance there.

Villain's Costumes

Military Regalia
Seen only very briefly in the opening sequence, this outfit has a few rare photographs that allow us to see the detail adorned on it. It is thought that the original opening (Without the Dinosaur Animated Intro) would have seen more of Koopa with this outfit on.
Worn when he met the Mario Bros in the Police Station, and during his threatening them in the Devo Chamber, Koopa introduced himself in this outfit as Larry Lazard. Larry in one of the Koopalings in the video games.
Worn for the majority of the film, this outfit has a scaley and pitch-black texture that adds to Koopa's creepy design style.
Stolen Earth Clothing
Assumed stolen (As store tags aren't seen on his clothes), this outfit is what Iggy chooses to wear to try and blend in while trying to kidnap Daisy on Earth.
Clubbing Suit
With some intriguing detail adorning the chest, this outfit is used in the end of the film when Iggy and Spike go with the Mario Bros into the Boom Boom Bar, and photographs show him wearing this when the Deleted Rap Scene was filmed.
Koopa Cousin Outfit
At the very end of the credits, Iggy seems to have settled on Earth and dressed in a very early-90s neon outfit.
Stolen Earth Clothing
With store alarm tags on his wrists, Spike has clearly decided to take a possession that isn't his. Nonetheless, this outfit is what he wears until he gets to the Boom Boom Bar.
Not appearing in light in the film, Spikes Club Suit is shown better in the deleted scene photographs of the Boom Boom Bar Rap.
Koopa Cousin Outfit
Spike's last outfit was shown only in a tiny end sequence after the movie credits. His clothing choice seems erratic at best, but isn't quite as overly neon coloured as Iggy's.
Spotted when we first see Lena, this dress is what she wears as she sucks eggs and listens to Koopa's diatribe about the "Mammals".
In the film we only see the neckline, but this was a full-length metallic dress as shown in the pictures from costume designer Joseph Porro.
Dinner Dress
This blue and white striped dress was worn by Lena when she came to take Daisy away from the Brooklyn Girls. She also wore this when explaining Daisy was put up in her old office.
Lena wore this dress in the Boom Boom Bar sequence, the tight leather outfit helping her blend more seamlessly with the other Dinohatten residents.
Portal Keeper
Called Portal Keeper as a nod to an earlier script, Lena wore this when she had gotten the meteorite piece and decided to go it alone, without Koopa.

Other Character's Costumes

Punk Day Wear
Toad wore very punk-influenced clothing on his days around Dinohatten. Always walking around with his guitar, his rebellious streak would soon be ended by Koopa in the Devo Chamber.
Police Uniform
A very crisp police uniform, with latex-like accessories on the pockets, tie and cuffs.
Spiked Red Top
This spiky red top and black trouser combo was the unique style choice of Big Bertha, worn when she first stole the Meteorite Piece and again when Mario dances with her in the Boom Boom Bar.
Dinner Date Dress
Designed very closely to resemble the dress worn by Pauline in the artwork for the original Donkey Kong, this dress appears from the moment we meet Daniella in the restaurant.
Daytime Dress
Seen only in the ending sequence, back on Earth. Daniella's dress sense still shows shades of Pauline's artwork but in a less showy fashion. Because of the cuts, this dress never appears in the Italian version of the film.
Business Suit
Scapelli's choice of outfit was remarkably similar to Koopa's dress sense. He's only ever seen at the construction site, and his de-evolution into a monkey is likely a nod to Donkey Kong.
Royal Regalia
Only seen in the brief few seconds that the King is revealed at the end, this regal outfit is surprisingly free from fungus after his re-evolution from slime.
Military Uniform
The Goomba uniform is a very Gestapo-esque design, with added Koopa spikes. These massive lumbering outfits were designed to make the oddly shaped footsoldiers seem even more domineering than they already were.
Fashionable Boa
Surprisingly fashionable, this outfit includes a thin material-dress and bright pink/purple trimmings. It's a shame wesee little of it in detail in the movie.
Protective Uniforms
Several different sized uniforms were built for the Devo Crew (As seen by the Behind the Scenes photographs), and some sported the blue goggles to match the suit colour.
Market Apron
The street vendor wore his shirt with a thick blue, spiked apron. The style seems to be similar to the red Big Bertha costume, which suggests a fashion flavour is spreading in Dinohatten.
Radiation Suits
Considered to be the "Shy Guys" in the movie, the Fungus Squad sport radiation suits in order to keep themselves free of the fungus.
The toxic dumpers of the film universe, Snifits wear outfits that are as close to a film-universe Snifit as possible within the metal/leather Mad Max stylings that were adopted.

Boom Boom Bar Dancer's Costumes

An outfit thought to be part of the reason the Boom Boom Bar rap was banned, this very revealing outfit is seen in the final film from further away.
Latex Dress and Jacket
Leather Skirt

Deleted Scene Character's Costumes

Scapelli Boiler Suits
Mike and Doug from the deleted RiverFront Cafe scene wore these plumbing outfits, and would be seen only briefly in the final cut when they attempt to flood the digsite and run away down the tunnel.
Casual Wear
Seen only from photographs given by Lizardman actor Mark Jeffrey Miller, this character was to be seen in an extended sequence of the Mario Bros in their prison cell prior to meeting Koopa.