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Where we have all the unique props made for the movie. We are lucky to have moviemaker29 helping us with full background information and photographs of the actual props used in the movie.
Features several in-development costumes sketches and posed photographs (For costume) from Joseph Porro (Costume Designer).
A gallery of Goombas, pre-production on Hark (Who later became Toad's de-evolved self), the Allosaurus Rats see infesting Dinohatten's streets and a gallery showing the four stages of Koopa's epic de-evolution into a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
A showcase of the sets from the movie including photographs and screenshots. They show just how David L. Snyder maximised the use of the space given to him in the Ideal Cement Factory.
A selection of Behind the Scenes photographs donated to the site by several Cast and Crew members working on the production including Set Designer David L. Snyder.
Make-Up Effects


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