Props Contents



The following pages categorize and archive the development of the various props featured within the film.

Each one is different and went through a constantly evolving design process, which makes this even more intriguing

to see how each item came to it's final form.


This classic game enemy made it's way into the movie in a very shrunken size. It did, however manage to stop Dinohattan in it's tracks by everyone's fear of it going off.
Bullet Bill
The Banzai Bill (As it was called in the production art for the Thwomp Stomper boots) was later renamed Bullet Bills. These cartridges would be placed inside a Thwomp Stomper boot to allow the user to jump high in the air.
Devo Gun
Likely a new weapon in the Koopa army (Since the Devo Chamber was huge), the Devo gun is interesting in two ways. Firstly as a weapon capable to de-evolving someone to a more primitive state. Secondly because the gun itself is a re-fitted SNES Super Scope lightgun.
Dino Egg
Seen briefly with a character fans have come to assume is 'Birdo', this egg was being walked by it's mother when a stranger began trying to pet it - possibly in a bid to steal it and eat it later.
Fry Guy Flame-Throwers
These flame-thrower weapons act similarly to fire flowers, however their names are revealed on a background poster inside the Hat Check Room at the Boom Boom Bar.
Mario's Tool Set
Seen in various points during the film, and given more prominence in a deleted scene by Mario's "Nobody touches my tools!" line, these came in handy in Koopa's Tower.
Mechanical Egg Container
Seen at the opening of the movie, with the Meteorite Piece as it's key, this fascinating container was used to store Daisy's egg when she was delivered to the Nuns.
Meteorite Piece (Necklace)
A core prop for the movie, this meteorite piece was worn as a necklace by Daisy until she was kidnapped. Luigi brought it with him to Dinohatten where it was promptly stolen by Big Bertha.
One of the film's most fan-loved props - the Thwomp Stompers were the film's way of allowing the Super Mario Bros to jump as high as was shown in the video games.