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Super Mario Bros. Audio Poster Pack

This wonderfully produced piece of memorabilia was produced in 1993 in conjunction with the film's release. It included a 35-minute audio cassette recounting the events of the film, and a massive 3-D glow-in-the-dark poster (in which the 3D glasses are a cutout of the de-evolved Koopa's eyes).

Although the 3D poster is hard to see in a photograph, the back of the packaging has a great 2D version. Also, thanks to forum member Zack, we have the full 35-minute story cassette paired with images from the film for your viewing pleasure!









Super Mario Bros. The Movie Collector Series Caps (Pogs)

Every hot property in the early 90s had a set of Pogs/Collectable Milk Caps/etc, and Super Mario Bros. is no different. This set of 8 collector series caps features most of the drawn artwork created to promote the film.



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