Art Direction



This section contains all the pre-production artwork I've been able to find. Basically, they're plans for how basically everything should look in the movie. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images and read a more detailed explanation.





Dyno York Dyno Yawk - Main Street (uncolored) Dyno Yawk - Main Street (colored) Koopa Square Station Koopa Square Station

Dinohattan Outskirts Dinohattan Outskirts Dinohattan Outskirts Koopa's Palace - Mud Bath Koopa's Palace - Mud Bath





Vehicles Vehicles Vehicles Vehicles Vehicles Vehicles





Stun Stick Stun Control Devo Gun Weaponry/Items Weaponry/Items Weaponry/Items Thwomp Stompers Thwomp Stompers



Concept Artwork


Concept Artwork Concept Artwork Concept Artwork





De-Evolution Chamber




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