Creatures Contents



The following pages categorize and archive the development of the types of "creatures" featured within the film.

Each type is unique and memorable for their own reasons, and hopefully seeing the process of bringing them to the

screen will make you appreciate them that much more.


MEL provides us with Behind the Scenes photographs on the building of Koopa's de-evolved Troopa army.
The Goomba written to assist Princess Daisy in Koopa's Tower was an original character named "Hark". After it was decided to save Toad being de-evolved to slime in the Devo Chamber, this character was refitted to become the Toad Goomba seen in the final movie.
These animatronic creatures were seen briefly on the streets of Dinohatten. They originally played a bigger part in the background activity of the streets, but much of their background work was cut from the final film.
Includes photographic stills of Dennis Hopper's transformation from humanoid President to the final Tyrannosaurus Rex form seen breifly before his death as slime. Lots of detail went into these models and animatronics which was barely shown on screen.