The Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive Staff



While the site was initially just run by founder Ryan Hoss, several dedicated people have become involved over the years that help to continue its growth. Read about who they are and what they do here:



Ryan Hoss (Phlibbit)—Site Founder/Senior Webmaster 


Ryan initally started the Archive in March of 2007 to showcase his collection of the film's memorabilia, but over time it grew into a devoted fan community. He continues to maintain the site while also writing content for Batman-on-Film and being part of the panel on the BOF Podcast as well as the Robin: Everyone Loves the Drake Podcast.


Contact him in regards to site promotion, affiliation and page issues.



Steven Applebaum (Redstar)—Editor-in-Chief/Public Relations


Steven joined the site in late 2010 due to a fascination in the film's cult status. Since then he has been instrumental in facilitating site promotion and interviews with the former cast/crew in addition to his regular writing duties.


Contact him in regards to site promotion, writing and fan contribution.



Blake Dumesnil (moviemaker29)—Graphic Design/Memorabilia Archivist


Blake had been a longtime member of the site, but had only begun to offer his services in graphic design beginning in early 2012. The site logo, background and other aesthetics are all his work. Blake also collects and maintains surviving prop memorabilia, including the Thwomp Stomper Boots.


Contact him in regards to graphic design comments/issues and prop discussion.



Rory Joscelyne (Roareye)—Associate Webmaster 


Rory joined the site midway through 2012 as a way to branch into another area of the video gaming fanbase. Having worked on Summer of Sonic with SEGA Europe, Rory wanted to help establish a UK presence for Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive and is pushing for an HD re-edit of the movie. He has spent most of his time helping to maintain and update the site.


Contact him in regards to page problems and site updates.



Mark Johnston (Ragey)—Associate Editor


Mark founded the Random Action Hour website, creating a devoted page for Super Mario Bros.: The Movie that at the time rivaled even ours. He was soon after invited to contribute for the Archive, writing many of the script synopses and other articles that fill out the site.


Contact him in regards to script background and editing.