Deleted Scenes



This ongoing section aims to uncover any and all deleted, extended, or alternate scenes from the film. Some are just pure speculation, while others have a basis in drafts of the script (or other sources). And, for some of these scenes, we've been lucky enough to obtain video footage or screenshots.

Original Opening - Scapelli Bros - Toad's Song Extended - Brooklyn Girls Extended - Prison Extended - Devo Chamber Extended - Iggy & Spike Rap

Opening - Koopa chasing Daisy's mother

Last updated: 10/9/10

Status: Extremely likely

References: Scripts, Trailers, Photographs, Novelization

Opening - Koopa Military Regalia - Super Mario Bros/No Mercy Film Score CD Insert Opening - Koopa Turning in Rain - Trailers

Seen in various trailers and previews, the brief shot of Koopa turning in the rain indicates additional footage of him in our world, outside

of the gateway tunnel, was shot. Such additional footage has been alluded to in the storyboards (Albeit with a more manly figure holding

baby Daisy - not an egg) as well as being detailed in scripts and the Todd Strasser novelisation.

From the 03/25/92 draft of the script:

Lightning. TITLES OVER cables, steel and brick, awash in a torrent of rain. A black boot hits a puddle. TILT UP ON a dark figure, gazing at the New York skyline. He spins...

The end of that section matches this clip, which leads us to believe that the rest was likely filmed as well. In the script, Koopa

shows up several more times as Daisy's mother attempts to escape back to Dinohattan.

The Scapelli Goons

Last updated: 10/23/12

Status: Confirmed

References: Photographs, Scripts, ADR Revision Notes, Books, Audio Adaptation, ERTL Action Figures

Riverfront Cafe - Mike and Doug - SkyBox Trading Card #7 Riverfront Cafe - Mario Bros enter - SkyBox Trading Card #8 Riverfront Cafe - Doug intimidates Mario - SkyBox Trading Card #9 Riverfront Cafe - Mario Dining - SkyBox Trading Card #3 Riverfront Cafe - Luigi invites Daisy to dinner - Golden Super Mario Bros. Sticker Book Riverfront Cafe - Mario and Luigi meet Daisy - Golden Super Mario Bros. Sticker Book Riverfront Cafe - Mario's deleted line on 12inch talking Figure - ERTL Talking Mario 12 Inch Figure Riverfront Cafe - Full Screenshot of the Scene - Todd Straser's Novelisation

This scene would have occurred directly after Mario and Luigi arrive at the Riverfront Cafe. In it, Mario and Luigi would have

confronted rival plumbers Mike and Doug over the rights to the current job. According to several sources, this scene was filmed fairly

early into the shoot, though it was removed because it led into an alternate sequence of the Marios meeting Daisy that would have

together made for a lengthier first act.

Page 3 of Parker Bennett's ADR Revision notes indicates that the scene was completed and nearly included in the final print of the film.

Mario's full name of "Mario Mario" was scattered around as if it were going out of style--the ADR notes sought to either change the

dialogue or remove it, likely to keep the suprise of finding this out later in the Dinohattan police station scene.

It's worth noting that Mike and Doug are the two goons who later sabotage the digsite. This scene was also where Mario's trademark line,

"Nobody touches my tools" comes from--as stated on the back of Mario's ERTL action figure, and it's also a line that the oversized ERTL

Talking Mario says as well. This coincides with the ADR notes, stating this scene was completed and only removed at the last minute.

From the Todd Strasser novelisation;

"Not Scapelli!" Luigi groaned.
"We'd better get in there," Mario said, pushing open his door.

The brothers hurried into the restaurant. They walked quickly across the dining room and through the swinging doors to the kitchen, past bustling waiters and chefs in white uniforms. Finally they found a macho-looking man in a black tuxedo. Mario knew he was Pascla, the owner of the restaurant. Two big goons in Scapelli coveralls were speaking to him.
"It's those slimeballs Doug and Mike," Mario whispered to Luigi.
"Looks like a two-day job," Doug was telling Pascal.
"Just to fix a dishwasher?" The restaurant owner scowled.
"If we can get the parts. It could be longer," Mike added.
"Uh, excuse me," Mario said, stepping between the Scapelli goons and Pascal. "You said you had a dishwasher problem when you called us for the job."
"Yes," said Pascal, pointing at the dishwasher. "It leaks from the bottom."
Mario crouched down and looked at the dishwasher. A small puddle of water had collected on the floor beneath it. Mario stood up.
"You need a new gasket," Mario said. "Maybe a hose. You're looking at a two-hour job. These Scapelli guys are trying to snow you."
"Would you excuse us, please?" Doug quickly grabbed Mario by his tool belt and yanked him over to a corner where Pascal couldn't hear.
"Hey!" Mario shouted, smacking Doug's hand away. "Nobody touches my tools."

The two Scapelli plumbers towered over him.
"Listen," Mike hissed. "I understand that nobody messes with your tools. And I assume you understand, Mario Mario, that nobody messes with us. Or our boss, Mr. Scapelli. You know him?"
"Know him?" Mario had to laugh. "I grew up with that bum. He ain't a plumber, he's a toxic waste dumper. He don't know a pipe from a crowbar."
Doug and Mike glared at Mario, then turned back to the restaurant owner.
"I think Mr. Scapelli will be pretty disapponted if he don't get this job," Doug said.
"Yeah," added Mike, staring hard at Pascal. "So who you gonna hire? The Marios or Scapelli?"
Pascal swallowed "Uh, two days to fix a dishwasher sounds fine. I guess scapelli gets the job."
Mario's jaw dropped. Luigi's eyes bulged in disbelief. Pascal turned to them and whispered, "I'll make it up to you, boys. How about a free dinner tonight?"
The Mario brothers sighed. A free meal was better than nothing.

Toad's Song Extended

Last updated: 23/10/12

Status: Likely

References: Mojo Nixon's Youtube Channel, Mojo Nixon Exclusive Interview

This new extended version of Toad's King Koopa rebellion song comes directly from Toad actor Mojo Nixon's Youtube Channel.

It is not certain whether this was intended as a promotional version of the song (The audio quality suggests it was recorded at the same

time as the shorter one heard in the film) or if Toad's song in the film was actually cut short by editting to accomodate getting the Mario

Bros to Koopa faster. Toad also references the movie's release date (May 28th) during the song which leads to the conclusion of the

remainder being used for promotional purposes instead. However in our exclusive interview, he did say he copyrighted the two songs

he made up for the song and still gets royalties for them every now and then.

Full Song lyrics;

Well, cars run on electricity,
Cus' fossil fuel is sacred, you see
Livin' in a kingdom of fungus,
Got a evil presence here among us

And we got no food, anywhere
The water stinks, and we got no air,
Got no resources, we're in a stupor.
Cus' of that big old, mean, evil King Koopa.

Well we got Koopas here and Koopas there,
Pictures of Koopa on our underwear
He's a greed of slime, only cares about money
But the end is comin' and that ain't funny.

Ain't got no food, anywhere
The water stinks, so does the air,
Got no resources, we're in a stupor.
Cus' of that big old, mean, evil King Koopa.

YEA! Yeah
(mumbles) Oh yeah!
Well he's killing our planet, suckin' it dry,
He's a vampire bat with an evil eye.
(mumbles in rhyme)
Kill King Bowser!
Kill King Bowser on May twenty-eighth
Got the Goomba Gods in a Police State.
Reptiles need a brand new saviour,
Maybe you plumbers could do us a favour.

Cos we got no food, anywhere
The water stinks, and we got no air,
Got no resources, we're in a stupor.
Cos that big, old mean, evil King Koopa

Cos that big...
Cos that big evil egg-sucking,
Scaly-bodied King Koopa!
You know what I say?
I say let's castrate the Koopa so he can't reproduce-a!

Brooklyn Girls Extended

Last updated: 10/11/10

Status: Confirmed

References: German DVD: Making Of Documentary, Andrea Powell Interview

Thanks to the German DVD version of The Making of Super Mario Bros., we now know there was a short clip of one of the Brooklyn Girls

offering their Goomba guard a cigarette. It's kind of a cool moment, just to see more Goombas interacting with the actors. It was likely

cut to keep the focus on Daisy as she was being escorted into the Goomba barracks, although the scene could just have easily been

placed elsewhere in the film.

Andrea Powell, who played the Brooklyn Girl in this scene, revealed a bit of information to us about how this small scene came about in

our recent interview with her;

...the Goomba cigarette scene was pretty funny. I totally remember that now - they had wanted a funny little moment where the Goomba could flick his tongue, and that's what we came up with. The "boss" line was totally improvised... Rocky really liked it, so it became part of the scene.

Prison Extended

Last updated: 2/15/10

Status: Confirmed

References: 'Bad Influence' TV Show Footage, Scripts, Mark Miller Interview

Prison Extended - Mario and Luigi in Jail - Bad Influence TV Show Footage Prison Extended - Lizard Men in cell beside Mario Bros - Golden Super Mario Bros. Big Coloring Book Prison Extended - Mark Jeffrey Miller as Lizard Man - SMB Lobby Cards Prison Extended - Lizard Man body shot - Mark Miller Interview Prison Extended - Fungus Trampoline sequence - SkyBox Trading Card #69

One of the most common complaints levied at the film is its lack of a character arc for either Mario or Luigi. Many of the scripts indicated

that this was dealt with through a subplot in which Luigi doubts his family pride while Mario resents Luigi for both having to raise him and

getting them into the current situation. The two eventually reconcile during the "Mario, I can fly!" scene in the ventilation shaft.

This scene is part of that subplot and it would've taken place directly after Toad's "theory" about the old king being de-evolved into

fungus. As can be seen at around 0:42 of the Bad Influence video, Mario and Luigi exchange these words:

Luigi: You told me to go after her..."
Mario: Yeah, for a date, not into another world!

Part of this scene was also referenced by Mark Miller, who played both the "Lizard Man" and Vendor in the film. When asked if parts of

this scene were filmed, he responded with the following:

Yes. It was filmed. After a long, long night of sitting there I had to smoke cigarette after cigarette and I wasn't a smoker.

For more context on how this scene would have fit into the overall film, here's the scene from the shooting script;

(ignoring Mario)And you wanna know what else I think? All that fungus? I think it's our old King Bowser, who's been de-evolved into fungus, and is now trying to wreak revenge on the city.

Lemmy nods again. But even Luigi finds that one a little hard to believe.
Mario looks at Luigi


Okay, fine. Just mellow out.

Mellow out...? (to DEMON in next cell) He wants me to mellow out. Okay, fine. I'm mellow.
(then, grabbing Luigi)WE'RE IN HERE cause YOU wanted to SAVE a girl you don't hardly KNOW."

You said I should go after her--

I was talking about on a date, not into ANOTHER WORLD!

Then you DO think we're in another world!



(now he's pissed) Daniella wouldn't be so stupid as to let herself get brought here.
What's your problem?

You. My whole life I been takin care of you--

What, taking care, I never asked--

The OVERLAPPING argument is turned toward Lemmy...

(with Luigi overlapping) I promised Pop I would. Take care of him, take care of the business. WELL I'M FAILING AT BOTH and I'm sick of it."

Beat. Both guys look to Lemmy. Who can't think of anything to say. Finally he just sings:

(off M&L's look) ...never mind.


Mario Brothers?

UP ABOVE, Mario scrambles to his feet and look down.

That's us! An' we want a lawyer to get us out of this chickencoop!"

You got one!"

Bear in mind Lemmy was later renamed Toad and DEMON refers to the Lizard Man played by Mark Jeffrey Miller.

Devo Chamber Extended

Last updated: 10/11/10

Status: Most Likely filmed, Unlikely Finished

References: Making Of... Documentary Footage, Storyboards, Books, ADR Revision Notes, Official Press Kit Booklet

Devo Chamber Extended - Koopa's walk to the Devo Chamber Storyboard - Storyboards Devo Chamber Extended - Koopa's walk to the Devo Chamber - Making of... Documentary Devo Chamber Extended - Toad/Simon's devolution to Slime Storyboard - Storyboards Devo Chamber Extended - Devo Worker VFX Tester Shots - Making Of... Documentaries Devo Chamber Extended - Devo Chair and Dead Slimepool - Photographs Devo Chamber Extended - Devo Chamber Chair with Toad's Remains - Golden Super Mario Bros. Big Coloring Book Devo Chamber Extended - Mario Armed to Attack Koopa - Golden Super MArio Bros. 'Look-Look' Book Devo Chamber Extended - Mario Bros Strike Back - Feature Film Devo Chamber Extended - Rescuing Koopa - Golden Super Mario Bros. Sticker Book Devo Chamber Extended - 'Draw Me A Bath' - Making Of... Documentary

Without a doubt, this is the most widely known, contested, and debated deleted scene of Super Mario Bros.

In almost every screenplay of the film as we know it, there is a character that is de-evolved into slime either before or after the

character that is transformed into a Goomba, but this never made it into the final film--although it's obvious that something was filmed.

As you can see, who exactly was supposed to be de-evolved changed constantly. The storyboard's and scripts stated it was Lemmy

(One of the Koopalings in the Mario Games), who was renamed Toad later on, and when it was decided to save this character Simon

was chosen to die instead. However Simon survives the de-evolution scene and the entire movie.

As described in the Todd Strasser novelization and seen in the in-progress visual effects shot above, we've determined that an

unnamed devo technician was decided to be the one who would be completely de-evolved to slime in the final film, directly after Toad

is de-evolved into a Goomba. The Todd Strasser novelisation of the scene;

In the center of the de-evolution chamber was a silver chair. Above it was a device that looked like a space satellite. Toad was already there when Simon brought Luigi and Mario in.
"You think I'm scared?" Toad asked. "I'm not scared."

A guard threw them into the chair. Metal bands automatically clamped down on his wrists and ankles.
"Help!" he screamed. "Don't do it!"

A door opened and Koopa entered the room.
"You! Koopa!" Toad shouted. "You're a lousy king!"
Koopa shook his head as if he was disappointed. "One thing I cannot stand is naysaying. Simon!"
"Yes sir!" Simon snapped to attention.
Koopa pointed at Toad. "De-evolve him!"

Trembling with fear, Toad still managed to mutter: "Our old king--you thought you could get rid of him, but you couldn't...."
"See you later, alligator." Koopa waved at him. The chair slid backward on a track, and then slowly rose until it was covered by the large satellite device. Koopa turned to Mario and Luigi, who were still being restrained by the guards. "You may understand evolution as an upward process. Things evolve from primeval slime to single-celled organisms up to intelligent life."

As Koopa spoke, he walked toward a control panel. "De-evolution works in the opposite simpler, less intelligent forms of life. Thanks to this machine, even our most restless citizens can become faithful members of my elite guard of goombas."

Koopa flicked a switch, and the machine around Toad began to glow and make a hissing sound. After a moment it stopped and the chair descended again. Where Toad had sat, now sat a goomba.
"Why did you do that to him?" Luigi shouted.
"Yeah," yelled Mario. "What single-celled organism did you evolve from?"
"Me?" Koopa smiled. "Tyrannosaurus rex, the lizard king, thank you very much. But though my evolution was wonderful and sweet, your de-evolution will be a living nightmare....unless you tell me where that meteorite piece is."

The brothers still refused to answer. Koopa smirked and turned to his newest goomba, whom a black-suited technician was helping out of the de-evolution chair.
"So loyal." Koopa beamed proudly. "So lethal. So stupid..." He patted the goomba on the shoulder. "Walk tall. Be proud. Go, goomba!"

Near him, the technician sneezed. Koopa pushed him into the de-evolution chair. "You're sick. You better sit down."

The metal cuffs automatically closed around the stunned technician's ankles and wrists.
"We can't have you spreading germs around," Koopa said as he strolled back to the control panel.
"But...but...," the technician gasped in protest.

Once again the de-evolution machine dropped over the chair. With an evil smile on his face, Koopa turned to Mario and Luigi.
"Millions of years of climbing up from the ooze, instantly reversed. Imagine the horror as it all slips away. It's worse than mere death. It's being undone."

The king turned the intelligence dial to Primordial. As the de-evolution machine hissed, Koopa's smile disappeared.
"You mammals stole our world," he ranted at the brothers. "Dinosaurs were the greatest creatures to roam the earth. Mammals were just shrews...mice. They didn't even dare peek out from under a leaf when the dinosaurs came by."
Koopa stared at Mario and Luigi. "One last time. Where is the rock?"

Luigi glanced at Mario and sliently shook his head.
The de-evolution machine stopped hissing and rose. All that remained of the technician was a puddle of greenish ooze. Koopa stared at the dripping mess in disgust.
"All right." Koopa nodded grimly. "Which one of you wants to go first?"

Mario and Luigi looked around. Simon was aiming some kind of ray gun at them. Goombas guarded the doors. There was no way to escape. The brothers stepped toward Koopa at the same time.
"I'll go," Mario volunteered.
"Take me," said Luigi.

Koopa narrowed his eyes. Suddenly Luigi nodded at Mario, and together they pushed the king into his own de-evolution chair. The restraints automatically slapped down on Koopa's ankels and wrists, and the de-evolution machine began to drop.
"You're going back to where you came from, lizard!" Mario shouted triumphantly.
"Help me!" cried Koopa, now sitting in the puddle of primordial ooze that had once been the technician. Simon and the guards dashed toward him. In the confusion, Mario and Luigi escaped out the door.
"Get this filthy gunk off my!" Koopa screamed. "Get those plumbers! Draw me a bath!"

Simon managed to turn off the de-evolution machine and help Koopa out of the chair, but not before the de-evolution process had begun. There was a glimmer in one of Koopa's eyes, and for a moment the skin around it became scaly and reptilian. Koopa slapped a hand to his eye. "I'll kill those plumbers," he growled.

The various screenplays and novelization hints at how the scene could've played out, but Parker Bennett's ADR revison notes lay out

the scene in the most likely way it would have cut together on film. On page 19 of that document, it is revealed that a technician is the

one de-evolved into slime, and that this occurs after Toad is de-evolved into a Goomba. This is also backed up by a brief in-progress

VFX shot of the technician de-evolving that can be seen in both versions of the "Making of" featurettes we have (And above).

Scene. 57 - Devo Chamber- Toad de-evolved

Lousy Kingdom! Ever since Koopa took over! (The whole place is crumbling...)
(He sees Koopa)

You! Koopa! You're a lousy leader!

As the devo chair kicks in, a machine voice:


Our old King, you tried to get rid of him, but the King is everywhere! You can't get rid of him! Ever!

Toad comes out a Goomba:

For instance, even our musical friend, Toad, can become a loyal member of my elite guard -- Goombas!

That's Toad?
No... That can't be Toad...

Join the Goombas!
(casually, mockingly)
(Oh, and) Don't forget his harmonica...

Technician get de-evolved. (He ad-libs desperate protests in b.g.)

No! Please! No! You can't!

He comes out slime...

Now he's a bit stressed...

The reason to not include this scene is, as yet, unknown. Koopa is shown devolving into slime at the end of the movie, so it wasn't left

out for the younger audience. There is the possibility budget/time constraints led to the VFX not being completed for the final cut, or even

that there was not enough coverage in the shots to make it work properly. We do not know, however the following text from the

Super Mario Bros. Press Kit's booklet adds some further clarification:

Originally written as a creature with a screen life of about 30 seconds -- from the time rebellious folksinger Toad (Mojo Nixon) was de-evolved into a Goomba until he was further de-evolved into primordial slime -- this character proved such a hit on the set that his life was saved, and his part was expanded for the rest of the movie. He even holds onto the rebellious streak that got his evolved self into trouble in the first place.

Finally, there was a single line from Koopa editted out of the end of the scene. This line was in Todd Strasser's novelisation, and was definately

filmed as the footage was found within the Making Of... Documentary. It was most likely cut for time and pace.

The extended beginning and end sequences can be viewed in the video above.

The Spike & Iggy Rap

Last updated: 1/11/11

Status: Filmed - Extremely Likely. Editted - Unknown

References: TV Spot Footage, Photographs, ADR Revision Notes, Official Movie Magazine

Boom Boom Bar Rap - Koopa's walk to the Devo Chamber Storyboard - SkyBox Trading Cards #57 Boom Boom Bar Extended - Mario and Luigi trying to 'Walk The Dinosaur' - Entertainment Tonight TV Spot 1 Boom Boom Bar Extended - Boom Boom Bar Dancing Girl - Entertainment Tonight TV Spot 1 Boom Boom Bar Extended - Boom Boom Girl and the Rapping Duo - Make-up & Effects Laboratories (MEL) Website Boom Boom Bar Extended - Spike and Iggy Rap Lyrics - Official Movie Magazine

This extended segment of the Boom-Boom Bar scene involves Iggy and Spike performing an anti-Koopa rap. This scene is referenced

later after their capture, when Lena tells Koopa that "Iggy and Spike have been preaching your overthrow at the Boom-Boom Bar..."

The most revealing piece of evidence for this scene can be found in one of the TV spots aired by Entertainment Tonight around the

film's release. Around :40 into the clip, you can hear Iggy and Spike rapping the lyrics "Let's talk about our liberation/and start a new

confederation" while Mario and Luigi are trying to blend in on the dance floor.

The scene is briefly mentioned on page 27 of Parker Bennett's ADR Revision notes, suggesting to dub in some more "revolutionary slogans

as they're being dragged away." Interestingly these are in the film, while the rap itself is not. Read the notes below;

Scene. 91 - Boom Boom Bar: Bros. check tools w/hat check girl

Bros. & Spike & Iggy enter dance floor.

You see her?

You guys check the dance floor, we'll, uh... go check out the bar.

Spike & Iggy order a drink;

Oh, miss...

A Koopatini with a twist.
Two Cold-Blooded Marys.
A Pteradactyl Twist.

Mario dances with Bertha

That's it, Mario. Ge the rock.

BROS: "All right" (laughter) when Mario gets the rock.

Spike & Iggy Rap
Possibly more revolutionary slogans as they're being dragged away:

In addition to possibly being cut for time, one theory is that the scene was cut due to some "PG-13" content in the form closeups of some of

the more risque Boom-Boom Bar dancers surrounding Iggy and Spike during the rap.

Below is a text version of the lyrics from the Official Movie Magazine, though not necessarily accurate to the footage;


Bust some moves to the song Iggy and Spike sing after they've been through the devo machine.

You ever get the feeling you're on automatic pilot?
You're going through the motions like waves in the ocean.
That life is just a series of brainless notions,
And you wanna feel something more than empty emotions?

Well, we just met two plumbers who had an idea.
They showed us the light and new frontier.
Mario and Luigi - they know what's right.
We gotta take a stand and put up a fight!

Well, stop and think this through:
It's time to get rid of you-know-who!
A radical development is taking place.
Iggy and Spike will set the pace.

The party poopa,
The pooper scoopa!

It's a crying shame
We're playing his game.
He's got us so tame.
It really is lame!

We're all so dumb,
Being under his thumb.
Be proud reptilians,
We number in the millions.

Look at these Goombas,
Shutting us down.
The rule of force
Is the rule of this clown!

The party poopa!