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November 3, 2014




"Trust the Fungus."


The silly--yet remarkably deep--catchphrase that lies at the heart of the Super Mario Bros. film has echoed in my head ever since I started this website back in 2007. The primary goal of all the research, interviews, articles, and screenings was to get people thinking and talking about the film again. To help cement its cult classic status in the minds of geeks everywhere. And in doing that, Steven and I really--really--wanted the film to get a proper high-definition release so we can all enjoy Super Mario Bros. the way it was meant to be seen.

On November 3rd, 2014, those lofty dreams become reality when Super Mario Bros. releases on Blu-Ray, courtesy of UK distributor Second Sight.


Second Sight contacted us early in 2014 and wanted to get our opinions on what the fan community would like to see on a potential Blu-Ray release. We had a LOT of ideas, and SS worked tirelessly throughout the year to make as many of those dreams happen as they could. The result? A superb Blu-Ray and the definitive Super Mario Bros. experience. READ ON for a breakdown of the entire package...



October 19, 2014




Second Sight's Blu-Ray release of Super Mario Bros. is coming in just a few weeks, so now is definitely the time to start getting excited. If for some reason you still haven't decided to get this thing, we put together a little something that might change your mind. Second Sight was nice enough to provide us with an early preview disc, so we've taken a bunch of HD screenshots from the film AND compared them to their original DVD counterpart so you can see how huge of a difference the new transfer makes:


Super Mario Bros. (1993) Blu-Ray vs. DVD Comparison HD 1080p


Keep checking the site for our full review of the Blu-Ray soon. And speaking of reviews, Starburst Magazine has posted one of the first reviews of the release, so check that out as well. And if you've forgotten, the new Blu-Ray and DVD releases are available for pre-order on Amazon:




That's it for now! November 3rd can't get here soon enough!



October 6, 2014




It's just under a month until the highly-anticipated debut of Super Mario Bros. on Region B Blu-Ray, arriving on November 3rd, courtesy of distributor Second Sight! And since there's only a few weeks left, we thought we'd take some time to make a post with some of the most common questions we've been receiving about this release. Hopefully this will clear up some of the confusion and lead you down the path to purchasing a copy when the day arrives!


Q: Super Mario Bros. is finally coming out on Blu-Ray? No way! When does it come out?


A: The Blu-Ray releases on November 3rd on Region B Blu-Ray and DVD, from distributor Second Sight.



Q: It's Region B? I live in the USA. Does that mean it won't work in my PS3 or Blu-Ray player?


A: Unfortunately, you are correct. Since the release is Region B only, you'll have to import the disc and find a way to play it.



Q: I want to import the Blu-Ray. Can you help me figure out how to play it in the USA?


A: Sure! The easiest method would be to purchase a Region-B Blu-Ray player (like THIS one) as well as a Universal Power Converter (like THIS one) and you'll be set. For more info, check out this great blog post over on Arthouse Cowboy.



Q: That sounds like a lot of work. I'll just wait until it comes out in the USA. Any word on when it's coming out here?


A: You might be waiting for quite a while. Disney still holds the distribution rights to Super Mario Bros. in the US, and they currently have no plans to release it here. And, even if they DID come out with their own release, it wouldn't have all of the amazing bonus features that we and the Second Sight crew worked so hard to bring to you!



Q: Okay, I'm ready to Trust the Fungus! Where can I buy the Blu-Ray?


A: The Blu-Ray and DVD releases are both already available for pre-order:




That wraps up the Q&A! We hope that's helped answer any questions you might have about the release. If any additional information pops up, we'll be sure to update this post with the most current information.


Also, if you're looking for some Super Mario Bros. movie talk, SMB Archive's webmaster Ryan Hoss guest-starred on another episode of the Sequelcast Podcast! It's mainly about the Saw franchise but they let him plug this website and the upcoming Blu-Ray!



September 4, 2014




We're thrilled to announce the final release date, specs, and bonus features for Second Sight's upcoming Blu-Ray and DVD release of Super Mario Bros. Here's a rundown of what we're getting on November 3rd:







The Blu-Ray and DVD releases are both already available for pre-order:



This re-release has been a long time coming, and Second Sight has gone above and beyond to make this the definitive release of Super Mario Bros. Trust us, folks, you'll want to get your hands on this Blu-Ray and see the film the way it was meant to be seen. This release is the culmination of what this website has lobbied for since its inception. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a copy come November 3rd!



June 25, 2014




It's been a while since our last update, but we can now finally reveal a few more details about the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Blu-Ray release. There's some good news and some bad news...

The bad news is that Second Sight Films has delayed the release from August to November 3rd. The good news is that this was done for the for the very understandable reason that there are several more high-profile interviews scheduled that necessitate more time for editing.

The first of such interviews was with Annabel Jankel, the co-director alongside Rocky Morton--who we have earlier interviewed.

Who else? The fantastic John Leguizamo--Luigi himself.

So, there you have it. Trust the Fungus. It'll be worth the wait.


May 28, 2014




Plumber alert! Today is the 21st anniversary of the film's release.

We've accomplished so much in the last year alone, from the 20th anniversary screening to the sequel comic to convention appearances. We're a much stronger community now than we were a year ago, let alone four when we first started this project.

We only hope to continue growing. The film's upcoming August release on Blu-Ray will be our biggest test yet. It represents the culmination of all our work.

How did you celebrate Memorial Day Weekend and how will you pay tribute to the film? It is more important now than ever considering the loss of Bob Hoskins.



May 21, 2014




The latest page of our Super Mario Bros. 2 Online Sequel Comic has been released!

Reznor and Mario's conversation continues. Will they see eye-to-eye regarding how they see their families?



May 14, 2014




The latest page of our Super Mario Bros. 2 Online Sequel Comic has been released!

Reznor and Mario are now on the tower’s balcony, overlooking the city, but is fresh air enough to make things right for the two of them?



May 8, 2014




The latest page of our Super Mario Bros. 2 Online Sequel Comic has been released!

It was important to us to treat Luigi and Daisy’s relationship realistically by showing that it wouldn’t be completely stable just because they are reunited. Luigi has his insecurities while Daisy has her responsibilities, which will only make it more difficult for them to find love now that another threat has arisen.

We hope they can make it together. They’re a cute couple.



May 5, 2014




Following last week's tragic news of Bob Hoskins' passing, we feel like the best thing we can do to honor his memory is to continue our work on this website--including our canon Super Mario Bros. 2 Sequel Comic. This story will continue, and we feel extremely privileged to keep carrying that torch.

In this latest page we introduce a new character, Mouser. We’re very excited to incorporate him into the story as he is actually the first truly original character we've created for this universe. All other characters either existed in early scripts or deleted scenes, which makes their contribution to the setting more defined. Mouser, on the other hand, is a narrative free-agent. We can do whatever we want with him!


Also, yes: he is Asian. We feel it important to include racial diversity in any work, especially one that can trace it’s origin to so many different cultures. It just makes sense to represent different peoples in a universe rife with ethnic heritage.



April 30, 2014



April 25, 2014




Unless you've been living in a parallel dimension, you'd know that Second Sight Films is bringing Super Mario Bros. to both DVD and Blu-Ray for the first time. This release will feature a new transfer with the best and most proper technical specifications. This alone makes it the most we could have ever hoped for as fans simply wanting to see the film in the best possible format.

In our last update, we revealed that the SMB Movie Archive is working with Second Sight on some new bonus content. For the most part, this is simply interviews with choice cast/crew. Most of those interviewed have already been spoken to by us on the site, but we have a few new surprises. We are ready to announce one of those surprises: co-director Rocky Morton. Check out the photo above for proof!

We're extremely excited for this release. It may be the best we will ever receive, but it will also be the best we deserve. We've earned this. We've worked hard for this as a community. All it took was keeping the film in the spotlight long enough for the right people to notice.

Also, the current release date is August 11th. Until then, Trust the Fungus.



April 23, 2014




The latest page of our Super Mario Bros. 2 Online Sequel Comic has been released!

If you haven't been following the story so far, start back at the beginning so you can find out exactly what happens after the film ends. If you have been following the comic, this latest page features our first look at a creature from the games translated into the film's setting. We're loving exploring this new setting and what it has to offer!



April 11, 2014




Our Super Mario Bros. 2 sequel comic project continues to gain exposure with each new page we post! This week, two members of the team (co-writer Steven Applebaum and artist Eryk Donovan) were invited to do an interview on their work for the Rufus Project Podcast!

Our portion starts at 36 minutes in, so be sure to GIVE IT A LISTEN if you'd like some background on how the project came together and what we have planned next.



March 14, 2014






We are pleased to announce that Super Mario Bros. will be released on Blu-Ray in Summer 2014! The distributor is Second Sight Films, a UK group known for their work on cult horror and sci-fi films. The SMB Movie Archive is working with Second Sight on some important aspects of this release.


Second Sight is a distributor that has been praised for their excellent remastering of films as well as their production of new bonus features. Both are planned for Super Mario Bros.

Check back for the latest on this exciting development! Looks like trusting the fungus all these years has finally paid off!



March 1, 2014




What a fitting first update for 2014!


The SMB Movie Archive has learned from a very reliable source that a Blu-Ray release of Super Mario Bros. could happen in 2014. According to our source, some very exciting developments toward this re-release of the film have been made in the past week.


While we can't reveal any details just yet, we can say that if this project comes to fruition, it will be the most important thing that can happen for the fans and the mission of this website.


What would YOU like to see in a Blu-Ray release of Super Mario Bros.? Anamorphic widescreen? High-definition video and audio? Special features? SHOOT ME AN E-MAIL and I'll post an update with the best responses!



December 31, 2013




As 2013 comes to a close, I'd like to reflect on the amazing year that we've had at the SMB Movie Archive. The 20th Anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. film was something we've looked forward to celebrating for the past few years. To commemorate the event, we hosted a number of anniversary screenings of the film and launched an in-canon sequel comic! Here's a rundown of our best content of the past year:







Although the 20th anniversary has come and gone, 2014 has the potential to be even better. Our Super Mario Bros. 2 comic begins its second issue this coming week, and we have plans to resume with some SMB Archive content updates that lots of fans have been looking forward to. Until then, trust the fungus!



December 4, 2013




According to The Hollywood Reporter, actor Danny Wells has passed away at the age of 72. For those unfamiliar, Danny portrayed Luigi in the 1989 Super Mario Bros. Super Show! TV series. Many people never really take the time to think about these past icons. We all just assume they live in some immortal state of nostalgia. Although his show is not our focus, we do respect it for representing a unique time in the franchise's history. It paved the way for the film version. Wells described this process himself in a recent interview with SLAM!:


"Remember that the Super Mario Bros. didn't exist [as characters]. The Super Mario Bros. was a video game, they didn't talk, they didn't have a second name, they didn't have a job. They were just little icons in a video game," Wells reminded. "It was up to the people involved, me being one of them, to create these characters, to give them a life, to give them a job, where they lived, and their relationship with each other. We took a nothing -- just little icons from a video game -- and turned them into living, breathing characters."

Lou Albano and Danny Wells will forever be *the* "Mario" and "Luigi" for a generation. You will be missed.



October 18, 2013




Our spread with Pure Nintendo Magazine has been released! The feature shares eight pages of quotes as well as concept art that introduces three new characters.


So, if you'd like a behind-the-scenes look at the comic or are interested in great Nintendo-focused reporting do give the magazine a chance. It's well worth a subscription!




October 1, 2013




It's been a while, but here's an update worth mentioning! There will be yet another 20th anniversary screening of Super Mario Bros. at the Alamo Drafthouse in Houston, TX on Tuesday, October 8th at 7:30 PM. The screening is a part of the Drafthouse's month-long "Game Over" celebration of video game culture. If you missed the other screenings, try your best to make it to this one--the SMB Archive's own Blake Dumesnil is set to attend the screening, with a Thwomp Stomper prop display! Pre-order your tickets HERE. RSVP via our Facebook event page HERE.


Oh, and if you haven't heard, our canon comic book sequel of Super Mario Bros. is going strong! The comic has been picked up by quite a lot of news outlets, but here are two recent notable links:





July 19, 2013




Have you guys seen Lukas Hausler's Super Mario Bros. The Movie: The Game print? It's a fantastic concept that brings together the characters and elements of the film in the style of the original games. It's proven very popular with the fans!


We were able to snag a quick interview with Lukas on the print, which can be read on the forums HERE. Give it a read, then visit Lukas' site to purchase the print for yourself!



June 14, 2013




Don't forget about the 20th Anniversary screening of Super Mario Bros. at the Sunshine Cinema in New York City on Friday, June 21st and Saturday, June 22nd at midnight! This event had a great turnout last year, so don't miss it. A true 35mm print of the film will be screened! For more info or to RSVP, check out our Facebook event page HERE.



June 12, 2013




We have covered director Bryan Sanders' film "Paperclip 2" in the past, but now we would like to revisit it with the announcement that the short film "Mushroom Madness" can now be watched. This film serves as an homage to the Super Mario Bros. film property, even going so far as featuring a voice cameo from Mojo Nixon (Toad)!


Bryan has this to say:


"This scene was really special to shoot for the movie PC2. Not only does an actor who worked on the original 93 mario bros movie show up for this scene, but an actual prop from the 93 movie is used as well. Huge thanks for Blake Dumesnil for hooking me up with the "Meteorite Necklace" from the 93 SMB movie!


Thanks to Steven Applebaum and the Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive for the contacts, resources and info relating to the SMB movie and for helping me get Mojo Nixon in my movie.


Be sure to visit stanford, KY and see the PC2 on the big screen! June 29th-30th @ the Community Arts Center downtown! 7pm-10pm & 3pm-6pm!


Until then, trust the fungus!!"


The special homage film, Mushroom Madness, can be watched below.


Papercut 2: Super Mario Bros. Homage Scene




June 1, 2013




Greetings! We expect many of you now visiting the site may have found us through the latest issue of Nintendo Force Magazine. If that is the case, we just wish to thank you for reading those articles and taking the time to check us out.


It has been our mission to educate gaming and film fans about the development of the live-action Super Mario Bros. film and, over the last three years, we have made tremendous strides in building a dedicated community of fans around it.


May 26, 2013




Now that our anniversary screening is over we can finally announce the project we have been secretly working on for the last two years: a sequel comic to the film!


Following our interview with screenwriter Parker Bennett, we began discussions with him on the film's backstory and potential directions for the sequel, making this project as close to official as possible.


We are very excited to share this project with the film's fans. Look through gallery below to see the first few pages produced with the help of artist Joshua Ballze. If you want to share your thoughts please post on our forums. We'd love to get your input!


Super Mario Bros. 2 -- Cover Super Mario Bros. 2 -- Foreward Super Mario Bros. 2 -- Credits Super Mario Bros. 2 -- Page 1 Super Mario Bros. 2 -- Page 2 Super Mario Bros. 2 -- Page 3 Super Mario Bros. 2 -- Page 4



May 25, 2013




Our 20th anniversary screening of Super Mario Bros. at LA's Nuart Theatre was a success! Attendees enjoyed the prop displays and sequel comic teaser, as well as our Q&A panel. We'd like to give a BIG thanks to everyone who helped make this event a success, especially our Q&A panelists!


We'll have photo and video content of the event up soon, but until then, we can now exclusively bring you John Leguizamo's 20th Anniversary message:


John Leguizamo's Super Mario Bros. 20th Anniversary Message


That reminds me--the Super Mario Bros 2.Sequel Comic hasn't yet been officially announced on this website. I guess I know what our next update will be!



May 24, 2013




Final warning! Our special 20th anniversary screening of Super Mario Bros. is TONIGHT at the NuArt Theatre in Los Angeles, CA at midnight!


This is going to be an event to remember! Here's the rundown of what you'll experience tonight:




If all of this wasn't enough, Nintendo Force #3 came out today. It has an exclusive Super Mario Bros. movie 20th anniversary article which the SMB Movie Archive contributed to! Order your copy HERE.



May 10, 2013




The next issue of Nintendo Force is coming soon, and in this issue, NF Goes Hollywood!


In addition to checking out some movie-related games from throughout Nintendo's history and looking back at the court case of Nintendo vs. Universal, the magazine is showing the Super Mario Bros. movie some mad anniversary love--with help from the SMB Movie Archive!


If you're a fan of the movie, then this is one magazine you'll want to have in your collection, so be sure to pre-order your copy or subscribe here!



May 1, 2013




We have created an event page for our 20th anniversary screening on Facebook! To RVSP and invite friends please look us up HERE. We hope to see you there!



April 28, 2013




Here's a quick, interesting tidbit: Super Mario Bros. will see its first official DVD release in Japan this August. According to THIS translated press release from Game Watch, the film will be released on August 7 and will support Stereo Dolby Digital audio and include the film's trailer.



My favorite part of that press release? The part where they let us know that a Blu-Ray release is definitely *not* coming any time soon. At least they asked about it. Regardless, the SMB Archive will pick this up when it comes out and report on its quality. Coincidentally, we just acquired the Japanese VHS, so it should be a fun comparison!




April 20, 2013




The time has come! As the 20th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. draws near, we are pleased to announce a special screening that will be held at the NuArt Theatre in Los Angeles, CA on Friday, May 24th at midnight!


The NuArt is where we held our extremely successful 19th anniversary screening last year, and there really isn't a better place to do it all over again! And just like last year, a true 35mm print of the film will be screened. Tickets aren't yet available for pre-order, but keep checking the NuArt's website. Or, check back here! We'll keep you posted with more details as they happen!


On a related note, SMB Archive founder Ryan Hoss guest-starred on a recent episode of the Video Game Sequelcast that focused on the Super Mario Bros. NES games, as well as the SMB film and the upcoming screening! Check out the episode HERE (he comes on the show at around the 54 minute mark).



April 5, 2013



Illustration by Jungyeon Roh


Karina Longworth, a former film editor of the LA Weekly, has written a brilliant piece on the film's history for Grantland. This article, entitled Hollywood Archaeology: The Super Mario Bros. Movie, covers the film's history from production to release to cultural impact. It is by far one of the most comprehensive looks at the film, especially as it draws much of its information from our very own site!


If you're curious about the film's development or would just like a refresher on some of its high points we highly encourage you to give this article a read. Miss Longworth has done an immense amount of research to make this article as accurate and interesting as possible. We certainly hope to see her at next month's 20th anniversary screening of the film!


You can follow Miss Longworth via her Twitter account at @KarinaLongworth.



March 20, 2013




Back in 2008, friend of SMB Archive Bryan Sanders started a thread on our message board about some prop replicas he was making. He managed to make some pretty convincing De-evolution guns, Bob-Ombs, and Bullet Bills. Fast forward five years to 2013--we now have a fully fledged independent film! And the Super Mario Bros. film is just a tiny part of it.


Perhaps it would be easier if I let Mr. Sanders himself tell you about his new film, Papercut 2:


"PAPERCUT 2 is an original story following two young lovers while paying homage to and parodying pop culture, video games, and 80's movies.  Shooting from weekend to weekend and paycheck to paycheck, the movie was slowly completed over the course of 2 years.   Cast and crew who have worked on: Ghostbusters, Transformers 3, Inspectres, Matt Forbeck's Brave New World, Traffic, Super Mario Bros., Evil Dead, Sonic the Hedgehog, Gearbox Software’s Duke Nukem, Captain America, Thor, Overtime, The Tomb, Fire From Below, Camel Spiders, America's Next Top Model, and more…all appear in the movie Papercut 2."



Video interview with Papercut 2's Mario (Jake Smith)


"Mojo Nixon reprises his role as Toad from Super Mario Bros. in a homage scene in Papercut 2. Mario, Luigi, and Daisy all appear alongside Mojo Nixon wearing the classic uniforms and props from the 1993 movie.  All wardrobe, props, effects, set dressings, and production vehicles during the SMB homage scene were custom made by Bryan Sanders--the director, producer, and lead actor in the movie.  Great care and attention to detail was given to the script for the SMB homage scene as it takes place after the events of the original 1993 film."


This film sounds pretty amazing--and I know Bryan can deliver! Check out the official website HERE and discuss this film on our forums HERE.



March 14, 2013




I'd like to take a moment and mention our new affiliate: the FilmFoolery Podcast! They do such a great job covering films new and old. They recently had SMB Archive webmaster Ryan Hoss on as a special guest for their episode on the recently released animated feature for The Dark Knight Returns.


Check out their website HERE or subscribe to them on iTunes. Let them know we sent you!


And on the Super Mario Bros. front, Gary Guillot (Happy Russia) has updated his popular New Super Mario Bros. fan edit with additional footage and more polished edits! Check it out HERE!



March 1, 2013




In honor of the film's 20th anniversary this year we've spoken with a person very close to the project: Jack Hoskins, Bob Hoskins' son. Jack is a longtime fan of the film, having grown up watching his father as Mario. While he has since seen how others view the project, his own childhood memories of adoration remain:


"The 1993 film installment of Super Mario Bros., a cross between Indiana Jones, Blade Runner and Star Wars was an epic production. I was quite offended when most fans say it's the worst video game movie of all time, but I truly appreciate their feelings. I believe my father was truly awesome as Mario himself, but I'm very sorry to hear of the fact that he didn't enjoy the experience of it.


Like he said about the directors, it had a husband-and-wife directing team 'whose arrogance had been mistaken for talent.' From my observation, he'd just might be right. I've heard their agents told them to leave the set after they got fired.


Most unfortunate I loved it ever since I watched with my father and sister. I was too young to realize how bad the reviews were until now, but you know what, I don't care. It would have been a huge success if it featured the same elemants from the Super Mario Bros. game trilogy.


Apart from that, it's a breathtaking performance. It's a coincidence that the Marios love the same food I find more to my liking, [including] pizza and pasta.


I believe Joel Schumacher once said [when he directed Batman & Robin] "If I disappointed them in any way, then I really wanna apologize, because that wasn't my intention, my intention was just entertainment", and I forgave him.


So if there's anyone reading this, please understand that it's no one's intention to ruin the classics. One last thing; if you remember your past enjoyments, then it would definitely keep your childhood memories alive and safely locked in your head forever." --Jack Hoskins



February 9, 2013




In celebration of the film's 20th anniversary, fan Gary Guillot (Happy Russia) has put together a re-cut version of the film! This edit removes some of the extraneous scenes while adding sound effects from the game series, creating an entirely new experience for those who have seen the film countless times before.


Give it a watch on YouTube (or in the player above) then come over to the forums to discuss it with the other fans!



January 11, 2013




While we're still fresh into the new year, guess what time it is?


That's right: it's time to start banging that ol' drum again for Disney to get our Super Mario Bros. movie out on Blu-Ray. And since it's the film's 20th anniversary, there couldn't be a better time to let the powers at be know what we want. Here are the usual links:



With the release (and success) of Wreck-It Ralph last November, I'm hoping that Disney will realize that they have that "other" video game film in their archives and get it out to the fans. Historically speaking, Disney announced their slate of Blu-Rays for classic films via press release around mid-March last year. If we're going to hear anything about getting Super Mario Bros. on Blu-Ray this year, it will probably be around then.



January 1, 2013




Happy new year! Expect big things out of us in the coming months, including more screenings, a documentary project and a secret anniversary special!


If you're wondering where all the old updates went, check out our update archive page.




November 30, 2012



Another article on the film! Ryan Lambie of DenofGeek.COM has posted an article discussing "10 remarkable things about the Super Mario Bros movie." Check it out!



November 24, 2012



Thanks to content creator Angelo Thomas, our Facebook page has seen a visual overhaul to better reflect the focus of our website. Go CHECK IT OUT if you haven't seen it!



November 16, 2012



Chris Lough of TOR.COM has posted an excellent article discussing why Super Mario Bros. is a great movie. Not that any of you visitors need convincing! Regardless, check it out HERE.



November 9, 2012




While much of our overhaul of pages and content is happening behind the scenes, we wanted to take some time and post this brand new editorial article! 5 reasons to enjoy the Super Mario Bros. movie comes to you from our colleague Eduardo Jardim, the webmaster of our Brazilian affiliate site Reino do Cogumelo. It was featured on his website several days ago, but has now been newly translated exclusively for our website.


Visit our Editorials section or click HERE to give it a read.



October 26, 2012



Happy birthday to Super Mario Bros. actor Bob Hoskins! He portrayed Mario Mario nearly 20 years ago and there has to be another actor capable or worthy of the role.



October 21, 2012




We are continuing our overhaul of the site throughout the holiday season with a strong focus on launching many pages that have previously been empty. We may not update this main page to notify you of all the changes, so be sure to look around and see if anything might have new information or a better look.


For now, we are pleased to announce the launch of our Special Features page on Game Homages, which are references to the Super Mario Bros. games and franchise within the film. You might just find yourself surprised at how many influences came together to form the film!



October 15, 2012



Jurassic Con was a huge success! Over 500 people attended the event, which showcased exhibits from Super Mario Bros., Jurassic Park, King Kong and other dinosaur-centric films. Check back soon for photos and video of the event!



October 13, 2012



Don't forget--this year's Orange County Jurassic Con is TODAY! Site staff Steven Applebaum will be on hand at the event to showcase the Koopa Creature T-Rex heads as well as other Super Mario Bros. dinosaur-related memorabilia. The event is FREE to attend. Come out to the Ralph B. Clark Museum in Orange County, CA and see some great SMB memorabilia in person! Visit the official Jurassic Con website for more details.



September 30, 2012




We've had an incredible response to last week's interviewwith Super Mario Bros. Production Designer, David L. Snyder! While the second part of the interview is coming soon, we've got something else cool to announce:


We will be participating in this year's Orange County Jurassic Con! Site staff Steven Applebaum will be on hand at the event to showcase the Koopa Creature T-Rex heads as well as other Super Mario Bros. dinosaur-related memorabilia. The event will be held at the Ralph B. Clark Museum in Orange County, CA on Saturday, October 13th and will be FREE to attend. Visit the official Jurassic Con website for more details.



September 23, 2012




The time has come! We are extremely pleased to bring you an exclusive (and extensive) interview with Super Mario Bros. Production Designer, David L. Snyder. We showcased a collection of his production stills a few weeks ago and now we have a great commentary to go along with it. Mr. Snyder has been a friend of the site ever since we first got in touch with him, and you'll see his passion and dedication towards his work reflected in our conversation.


And as you can see from our banner above, the interview was so long we're splitting it into two parts! Enjoy this first installment, and look forward to the second part, which will be posted in the near future.



September 16, 2012




I have a quick update for anyone planning on attending our final 19th anniversary screening at the Esquire Theatre in Denver, CO. Originally scheduled for late October, the dates have changed for this event. The film will now screen this weekend: Friday, September 21, and Saturday, September 22. Tickets are now available HERE (9/21) and HERE (9/22).


Hopefully anyone planning on attending will still be able to do so! And check back here next week for something we've been planning for quite a while!



September 6, 2012





September 3, 2012




August 26, 2012





August 17, 2012




August 12, 2012



We have several minor points to share this weekend:




August 6, 2012



Our membership drive contest is now over! The three contest winners will have their prizes shipped as soon as requested. We hope that they enjoy them and continue to be active members of our growing community.


This was a fun event that we plan to continue, so if you'd like a chance to win more cool prizes check back often. We always have something in store.


Our Dallas, TX showing also went well! Details will follow, but until then we have one final screening for the year in Denver, CO. If you're in the area you won't want to miss it!



August 3, 2012



Today we have a final reminder for our Dallas, TX showings as well as new cool content!



August 1, 2012



We have arrived at two more of our nationwide screenings!



July 27, 2012



Good news for anyone in the North Carolina area that may have missed our Wilmington showing or would just like to see the movie again!


July 22, 2012



We have a couple points that we want to share this week:





July 1, 2012




As promised, we have some new content from our 19th anniversary screenings, as well as some new announcements:

June 28, 2012




What a blast! Our final 19th Anniversary summer screenings were a success:

June 18, 2012




Our final 19th anniversary screenings in Wilmington, NC and Seattle, WA are only a few days away!


June 10, 2012




The time has come! Join us for our final 19th anniversary screenings on June 21 in Wilmington, NC or June 22/23 in Seattle, WA:



June 3, 2012




As promised in our last update, we've got some great content to share from our May 26 screening of Super Mario Bros. at the NuArt in Los Angeles:



May 26, 2012




We think it's safe to say that our 19th anniversary screening of Super Mario Bros. at LA's NuArt theater was a huge success. Here are some talking points for your reading pleasure:




May 25, 2012



Come see Super Mario Bros. TONIGHT in Los Angeles!



We hope to see everyone there and that you all have a good time. We'll see you on the other side!



May 21, 2012






We hope to see you at our remaining showings! Being able to do these events is very exciting for both the film and us fans, so it's not something you want to miss. Once again, Trust the Fungus!



May 7, 2012



Our New York showings at the Sunshine Cinema last weekend were a success! We had over 50 people show for the Friday night screening. Host Shawn Caple of Underbelly and guest speaker Michael Criscuolo had a great time and were able to film the event, which should be available to watch in the coming weeks.


Check back for further updates regarding this and future screenings!



April 27, 2012





Once again, tickets can be bought for only $10 HERE (Friday/Tonight) and HERE (Saturday).



April 22, 2012



As we mentioned last week, we now have a dedicated page up for our 19th Anniversary screenings of Super Mario Bros. Click on the banner above for the full details, but I'm going mention all of the upcoming screenings here as well:


We'll be posting updates and more info for these screenings throughout the next couple of months. We really hope you can attend one of them!



April 16, 2012




As promised, here's that exciting update we teased last week:


Starting next week, we'll have a banner on the front page that will always be up to direct you to the most up-to-date showtimes and ticket info. Until then, trust the fungus!



April 9, 2012




Are you in the New York area? How about Los Angeles? Wilmington, North Carolina or Seattle, Washington? If so, be sure to check back next weekend for an exciting update on what we've been working on the last couple of months! You don't want to miss what we have planned.



March 18, 2012




We've got some great new content in store for you today:


More awesome content (and announcements) are coming! Stay tuned!



February 21, 2012



The Retronauts podcast is up! Check it out for in-depth coverage of the film's plot as well as discussion of several reader comments, including those from our very own members. Special thanks were given to our site, so that alone makes it worth a listen.


Also, last Sunday was the 20th 'anniversary' for Parker Bennett and Terry Runté's original sci-fi script. The script to this day remains our favorite vision for for the project. Give it a read and enjoy a look at what could have been.


More great stuff is coming--stick around for when we can actually announce it!



February 10, 2012




Attention, fans! Your assistance is needed once again:


If our site were mentioned on the podcast then we could fully expect a huge upsurge in exposure and traffic. Help us and the cause!



January 17, 2012




As promised, our follow-up with Rob Burman continues:


So, enjoy those awesome photos. If you haven't joined our forums yet, please stop in and let us know what you think!



January 7, 2012




What, new content? That's right! Here goes:



And as you've probably noticed, this is only the first part of our Rob Burman-related materials to update. Check back here next week for the rest!



January 2, 2012




Happy New Year, everyone! And with this new year comes the next wave of updates for the Archive.


One of the greatest things about running this site is getting to know all of these incredible people involved with the Super Mario Bros. film. And I'm not just talking about the cast and crew who made the movie, I'm also talking about our ever-growing community of dedicated fans. Whether it's someone who's making a fan film or fan art, scripts, costumes, or just posting on our forums, it's a pleasure to be involved with each and every one of you.



If you haven't done either of those things to help increase awareness, please do so! Only a little of your time can go a long way to let the powers that be know we really want an updated release of the film!



December 21, 2011



Happy Holidays, fungineers! Just a few things to bring to your attention:



Since this will likely be the last update before the new year, be safe and be merry. Plenty more content will come in 2012, don't you worry. Rest assured that the lack of "big" updates has more to do with our busy schedules than anything else. With only a year to go until the 20th anniversary of the film, things should definitely get more interesting around here.


Until next time, watch the film again with family or friends. Join our message board or make some new posts if you haven't visited in a while.


And of the fungus!



December 12, 2011




Do you live within the New York area or will you be there on Saturday, December 17th? If so, we would love for you to join us at the People's Improv Theater for a FREE screening of Super Mario Bros.:



As far as more site content, it's definitely coming. Stick with us!



November 15, 2011



We've got a quick bit of Mario movie-related news for you today:



Something to chew on, right? More updates are coming in the future, but In the meantime, why not strike up a conversation on our message board? We don't bite!



October 12, 2011




I'm pleased to finally make available something we've been working on for some time:



Stay tuned for more--as it's definitely coming!



October 4, 2011




This week I've got some really cool stuff to share:



More to come, as always.



September 26, 2011




We're back this week with a pretty cool article:



Keep checking back--more great stuff on the way!



September 7, 2011


Keep checking back--more great stuff to come!



August 23, 2011



Some slight housekeeping and other cool things are in store for today:


More to come--stay tuned!



August 8, 2011




If you couldn't tell by that big banner staring you in the face:


A SIGNED COPY of Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America by Jeff Ryan!


To enter, email me and tell me why you like the Super Mario Bros. movie. I'll accept responses up until Monday, August 15th. After that date I'll pick my favorite response, post said response on the site, and get your info you can recieve your prize!



August 2, 2011




All right, so this isn't everything I wanted to post, but it's pretty close:



So, make your way through all that over the next week and get ready for Parker's interview. You don't want to miss it!




July 27, 2011



I've got a pretty decent mid-week update for you today:




Also--I've got to apologize for not posting our "lead-in" update last week...but that means the whole thing should be posted in one go. Look forward to it soon!



July 19, 2011



This week, we've got another one of those exclusive interview things we like to do from time to time:




I'd also like to thank all the sites that picked up our scripts update from last week! We weren't expecting the coverage it recieved--especially from sites like 1UP, GoNintendo, NintendoLife, Games Radar and the like. FYI, it gave us our biggest traffic ever for a single update. I suppose that shows that people aren't tired of this thing yet...


As far as next week's update goes, everything's heading toward one of this website's defining interviews. So like I said last week, read those scripts!



July 11, 2011



Get out your reading glasses, folks--because this update is a doozy:




So, you guys have got some light reading to do. And trust me, you'll want to because it will enhance your understanding of a future update...


Also, I have to throw out a totally shameless and unrelated plug. Vicious Cycle's Earth Defense Force: Insect Armaggeddon recently shipped for the Xbox 360 and PS3. It's a total blast, and worth picking up for $40. Pick up a copy if you want to support my new job!



July 1, 2011



Wow folks--sorry to let June totally pass me by. I have a good excuse though--I recently got myself a cool job in the game industry as an FX Artist, so I've been pretty busy blowing stuff up and making other kinds of tomfoolery. So unfortunately that means this is another one of those "non-update updates," but I have some cool stuff to report nonetheless:





So if there was ever a reason for good ol' Disney to reconsider getting the ball rolling on a SMB re-release, the time is (and has been) NOW. Get a good special edition Blu-Ray out in time for the film's 20th anniversary in May 2013. It can totally be done, guys--so do it. Please?


As always, you can send Disney an e-mail to let them know you're interested in an improved release of Super Mario Bros.



May 30, 2011



Happy Memorial Day! And if it's Memorial Day--that means something else: it's also the anniversary of the theatrical release of Super Mario Bros. In fact, it's the 18th anniversary.




So, while everyone's still in the holiday spirit, curl up on the sofa and return to Dinohattan again.



May 24, 2011



This week we've got some great Fan Art pieces for you:



Stick around--there's always more to come!



May 15, 2011



Our in-depth behind the scenes coverage continues!



More to come. Keep checking in!



May 8, 2011



I've got some great stuff for you this weekend:


Stay tuned for more!



May 1, 2011



The arrival of a new month comes with the arrival of a new update:



Stay tuned for more!



April 25, 2011



Happy (late) Easter, everyone! Here's what I've got for your basket this year:




Stay tuned for more--it only gets better!



April 20, 2011



This is sort of a non-update update--just wanted everyone to know that I hit a few snags with what should've been last week's update. Hopefully, I should get it worked out and this weekend you'll see twice the content.


And here's a couple other little tidbits:





Hopefully that'll tide you over until the weekend...



April 11, 2011


Well, it looks like our recent interview with Richard Edson (Spike) made a huge splash across the internet on sites like Kotaku, The Escapist, Go Nintendo, and others. So it's entirely possible that this may be your first time visting the archive. If that's the case, welcome! Join the forums! If not, welcome back.


In either case, we've got some great stuff for you this weekend:




Keep sticking around, everyone. It's only going to keep getting better.



April 3, 2011



Darn, I missed April Fools' Day. Instead of bringing you a bunch of fake updates, how's about a bunch of real ones?







Hopefully that'll keep everyone busy until next week's update--which you also won't want to miss...



March 30, 2011



All right, folks, we're really back now. I can't think of a better way to cap off March with a couple of great items:




That should do it. Check back soon for the next update--you don't want to miss it.



March 21, 2011



We're back! Well, sorta. A couple of things I want to bring up today:




That's right--do not adjust your monitors. Let's zoom in for some clarification:




February 25, 2011



For this weekend we have a great piece of merchandise and some more wonderful fan art:




This wraps up February for the site as I'll be out of town next week and there will be no update. See you in March!



February 21, 2011



This week, we have a good mix of the old and the new:





February 15, 2011



Some really great videos headline this week's update, and in three different categories to boot!







February 7, 2011



We're starting out February with some more great merchandise updates:




January 30, 2011



It's time to end January just as great as we started it!

It only gets better from here on out, folks--trust me. Or the fungus. Either one.



January 23, 2011



For this weekend, we have a new interview and some great media pieces:





January 16, 2011



This weekend's update sees lots of merchandise coming your way!






January 11, 2011


We've got a massive update with lots of new videos:








January 3, 2011



Happy New Year! We're starting out 2011 with a bang:






December 20, 2010


Happy Holidays! Just a few year-end messages for everyone:





Until then, trust the fungus.



December 6, 2010


We've got a pretty well-rounded update for today:








November 30, 2010


It's time to close out this month with a bang!






November 22, 2010


The launch of two new sections...









November 14, 2010


Updated interviews! Fanstuff!








November 5, 2010


Kind of a quick (but really cool) update for today:




November 1, 2010


We've got a new interview up!








October 30, 2010


Want a bunch of cool updates?








September 24, 2010


How about a crazy bunch of interview-related updates?









September 20, 2010


Lots of good stuff for today's update:







September 5, 2010


This is gonna be another one of those "calm before the storm" updates:





August 31, 2010


Here's what everyone's been waiting for:




August 28, 2010


I've got a small (but cool) update for today:




August 27, 2010


The update train keeps on coming...










August 22, 2010


Even more updates--this is great, huh?







August 21, 2010


More updates! And you didn't even have to wait a year!






August 17, 2010


So, I've been hyping up this "Awesome Mystery Update" on the forums for the past few days, and I finally got it done!



More to come--stay tuned!



August 14, 2010


I have just a few things to note today, but let's treat this as the "calm before the storm," okay?






Some pretty cool stuff is coming, I promise. Thanks for sticking around.



July 1, 2009


It's been a while, but I've got lots of updates to make up for it, okay?









Stay tuned. More to come.



March 25, 2009


Less than a month between updates--I think that's pretty good, right? Okay, I know it's not, but still...





Until next time...



February 26, 2009




We have had a LOT, and I mean a LOT of developments over the past month or so. Here's the rundown:






What else does the future hold? Time can only tell. Hopefully, some more content on the pages woule be nice, right? : P



January 15, 2009


Wow, I hate how time flies by. Sounds familiar, huh? Well, as ridiculously bare as the main page as been as of late (a fact that I'm very, very sorry about), the forums have been booming with a wealth of exciting SMB Movie art, news, interviews, and tidbits. Here are some of the best stuff that I'll divert your attention to:





Now I'm sure that's enough to chew on for a while. More will come, seriously. You just gotta believe : )



February 5, 2008


Wow, I hate how time flies by. Believe me though, the site is NOT dead. I just have a full college load and a 32 hour-a-week job to tend to first. However, I have a couple of updates. First of all, I want to thank everyone that's stuck with me here. Very much appreciated. The most hot topic of interest here seems to be my fabled Early Draft Script of the movie, so once things get to where I can actually work on the site, that'll be the first thing I get to. I'm also thinking about doing a complete website redesign, but that'll come a bit later, probably not until the summer (I get out of school in early May).

So, having said all that, I actually DO have something of an actual update here. I've converted and uploaded yet another rare behind-the-scenes video about SMB's Yoshi and the animatronics involved. You can view that here. I also added a little text blurb/information to The Making of Super Mario Bros. in the Behind the Scenes section. More to come.



July 3, 2007


There's an extra-special treat for you fans today. I've tracked down a ridiculously rare video, The Making of Super Mario Bros. It was in PAL format, so I got it converted and now it's here for you to see in all its glory! Check it out.



May 27, 2007


The second content page of the website is live--the Storyboards part of the Pre-Production section!



May 26, 2007


The first complete content page of the website is up--the Artwork part of the Pre-Production section!



May 22, 2007


Today, the forums really are working now! Be sure to visit the Forum Info/Rules page first, or you probably won't know the forum info. Or rules. Or how to register.



May 20, 2007


Well, after a mini-hiatus, I've began to make the basic parts of the website, such as the About the SMB Movie and About this website pages. Basically everything in the General section.



March 25, 2007


What's up, all of you Super Mario Bros. Movie fans? It's finally here; a website just for us! I suppose I'll introduce myself. I'm Phlibbit; you may have heard of me/seen me in various Mario websites over the years, but I'm primarily known for my series of videogames, Billy Bob the Cactus Blob. There isn't much on here yet; I'm getting everything worked out and I hope that I can get everything I want on the site during the summer (which isn't too far away for me). I'm just glad to finally make this website a reality because I've wanted to make it for a long time, and hopefully, it will be here for a long time.

Oh, and the forums ARE working! Sign up and start posting now!





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